Burglary Deterrents and Home Security

Burglary Deterrents and Home Security

As experts in burglary prevention and home security we want to ensure our customers are informed on how best to deter burglars and protect themselves and their property against a break-in.


Your belongings may mean a lot to you but to an intruder they’re just a way of making quick and easy cash. A burglar can strike at any time day or night but most burglaries can be prevented by taking steps to ensure your home is secure.

Most burglars are opportunists, with 3 out of 10 burglaries gaining access through an open door or window. Burglars love it when you make their job easier for them. The following steps will help you know how to scare burglars away and make it harder for them to gain entry!



The security routines of your house can make or break its safety. Make sure that all external entry points to your home are locked as part of your nightly routine. In fact, 3 out of 10 burglaries in the UK happen due to easy access through an opened door or window. We also suggest to make this routine a habit to everyone in your household in the case you might forget or if a house member is arriving home later at night when you have already gone to sleep!


Alarm Systems

Burglar alarms are a wonderful tool to deter burglars, in fact a survey found that 60% of thieves said they wouldn’t burgle a property that had an alarm. Although great for security a whole house system can be quite expensive as it could cost up to £2000, plus an annual maintenance fee! If you don’t want to spend that kind of money, you may give the idea that you have an alarm system by purchasing an Alarm Dummy for as low as £13.99! Read an expert buying guide on the best burglar alarms 2022!


Ensure your Locks are British Standard

British Standard locks can act as a great burglary deterrent as they are designed to withstand a range of different forced entry techniques and often make it significantly more difficult for a burglar to gain entry to a home. This can make your home a less attractive target.

Along with deterrent benefits, some insurance companies can specify that your property must be fitted with British Standard locks on your doors and windows. After a break-in has occurred, you may wish to claim on your home insurance in order to cover the costs of the damage caused by an intruder but by not meeting the requirements initially set by your home insurance provider you may run the risk of invalidating your insurance.


What are British Standard locks?

In order for any lock to be classed as a ‘British Standard’ lock they must have been through rigorous testing including strength, durability and of course security, these products are also re-assessed and re-tested to ensure you have complete confidence in the safety, quality, and reliability of the locks you have installed in your home. A higher quality lock such as a British Standard lock can act as a great deterrent against burglary as it will make it a lot harder for the intruder to gain entry.


Protect yourself from Lock Snapping

Intruders will often use various methods and makeshift tools to snap locks in order to gain entry to a home. Euro profile locks (better known as Euro Cylinders) are found in the majority of uPVC doors and are the most likely targets for this type of forced entry. To protect yourself from lock snapping simply upgrade your cylinder to one that is specifically designed to prevent this method of attack, ideally one that meets the TS007 3-star standard, such as ABS High Security Cylinders.


Additional door security

When upgrading your home security, you may want to consider having the following fitted to your door to help keep out any unwanted guests:

  • Door chain – a door chain is a cheap option that is perfect for dealing with strangers and adding extra security if any physical force is implied on the door.

  • Spy hole – a spy hole is also a further cheap option, perfect for controlling who can get access to your house and see if it’s worth opening a door to a stranger or not.

  • Letterbox guard or cage – a letterbox can be used by an intruder to retrieve any keys stored on the inside of the house therefore these products will help to protect you from ‘key fishing’.

Read our Ultimate Guide to Door Security!


Secure the Perimeter

The type of fence, hedge, or wall you choose to surround your property can either attract or repel robbers. What you can do in this case to deter robbers is to examine your garden’s weak points where a thief may get access, such as low sagging fence or weak gate with weak latch or lock.

For further security for your fence you can add thorny hedges around it, however, make sure passers-by can still see the front of your home so a thief cannot work undetected! Additionally, consider spreading gravel in your garden as well as your driveway as a deterrent thanks to the noise it makes when stepped on!


Install Security Cameras

Security cameras can provide you with a peace of mind as you can remotely monitor your home when you’re not there and are one of the best burglary deterrents that you can implement. In fact, when 12 burglars were interviewed by The Co-Op in 2017, they all said that security cameras where their biggest deterrent.

Security cameras can also help to reduce your home insurance, so it’s worth giving a call to your insurer to know what discounts you are eligible to after installing a security camera in your house!

Even though we suggest installing both indoor and outdoor security cameras for a higher home security, we recommend prioritising an outdoor security camera as it does offer better burglary deterrent advantages.


Secure your Shed

Your average garden shed is a treasure trove of valuables such as power tools, bicycles, and garden equipment; therefore, sheds will often provide easy pickings for opportunist thieves. The majority of sheds will not be strong enough to withstand an attempt to break into them therefore if possible, store your valuables in an alternative secure location such as a garage or even your house.

See the steps below on how you can improve your shed security:

  • Upgrade your locks.
  • Have a shed alarm fitted.
  • Mark all valuables stored in your shed either using a UV pen or a DNA marker.
  • Grow prickly plants close to your shed window.
  • Have curtains or shades fitted to your shed window.


Motion Lights

Most burglaries actually occur during the day, rather than at night, however, a significant proportion do still occur throughout the night so home security at all times of the day is essential. Burglars are always on the hunt looking for unoccupied properties. Installing motion lights on the front and back of your property are a great security deterrent as it means that no one would be able to sneak up on your property undetected. To be extra precautions, place lights at the corners of your home so that motion detectors can detect someone arriving from the side as well. Additionally, make sure the lights are placed at a height where no one could easily reach up and remove the bulb!


Protect your Valuables

Don’t leave your valuables (Laptop, jewellery, mobiles etc.) where they can be seen from a window, consider placing curtain or blinds so that any view of the interior of your home is restricted. You can also invest in a safe, to store any particular valuables.


The Illusion of being Home

If you work evenings or know you are going away on holiday for a number of weeks there are a number of cheaper options available that when used give the illusion that someone is still in the property.

  • Ask a friend or neighbour to open and close curtains.
  • Timer switches for lamps.
  • Fake TV – Simulates the light of a LED TV.
  • Pay for Royal Mail’s ‘Keepsafe’ Service to ensure any post you receive whilst you’re away doesn’t pile up; this can be a tell-tale sign that your property isn’t currently occupied.
  • Ask a neighbour to trim overgrown bushes in your garden.
  • Join your local neighbourhood watch to ask for help if needed.


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