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The Ultimate Guide to Living and Working in Blackburn

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Blackburn location and history
Blackburn’s population
Average house prices in Blackburn
Average price of rent in Blackburn
What are the best neighbourhoods in Blackburn?
Is Blackburn a good place to work?
What are the schools like in Blackburn?
What is the transport like in Blackburn?
What are the universities like in Blackburn?
What events are on in Blackburn?
What are the best hotels in Blackburn?
What are the best places to shop in Blackburn?
Where are the best places to eat?
Blackburn’s best bars!
Student nights in Blackburn!
Top 10 things to do in Blackburn!

What and where is Blackburn?

Blackburn is a minster and industrial town located in Lancashire, England, north of the West Pennine Moors on the southern edge of the Ribble Valley. It is 8 miles east of Preston and 20.9 miles NNW of Manchester, and is primarily served by the M65 which connects it to the rest of the country. Blackburn is bounded to the south by Darwen, forming the unitary authority of Blackburn with Darwen. The name Blackburn is derived from the river Blakewater, which runs through the centre of the town. The town has a population of about 105,000 people, making it the 60th biggest city in England, and is famously mentioned in one of the Beatle’s songs. Famous visitors to Blackburn include Condoleezza Rice, HM Queen Elizabeth II, and Gandhi.


What is Blackburn famous for?

Blackburn is a former mill town, where textiles have been produced since the middle of the 13th Century. Flemish weavers settled in the area during the 14th Century and developed the woollen cottage industry. The industrialisation and expansion of textile manufacturing made Blackburn into a boomtown of the Industrial Revolution and one of the first industrialised towns in the world. However, during the mid-20th Century, the textile sector fell into decline and began to experience very high levels of immigration. Since 1958, Blackburn has had investment and redevelopment through government funding and the European Regional Development Fund. With the town’s association with cotton, it became a natural choice for early immigrants from cotton producing countries, such as Pakistan and India, to settle. The town is now a great place to sample South Asian cuisine and to experience different cultures. The town has some attractive public buildings and parks; however, it is mostly known for its contribution to the cotton weaving industry and for its successful premiership soccer team, the Blackburn Rovers.




What is the Population of Blackburn?

The estimated population of Blackburn is 485,000 in 2018, with an average age of 39.4 years, with a population density of 469 residents per square kilometre. The population has grown by 3.9% since 2002 and population average age increased by 2 years during this same period. Based on Census, there were 2.42 residents per household in 2011.


In 2018, the total population of Blackburn was 485,000 and it increased by 18.2k people since 2002, having a 3.9% population growth. The postcode area was ageing faster than England and Wales, where the age grew by 1.4 years in the same period. The population was growing slower than population in England and Wales which grew by 12.4%.


What are the average house prices in Blackburn?

The Blackburn market is already strong, according to data from Zoopla agents, property is currently achieving around 96% of the asking piece, and homes are taking around 12 weeks to sell from the day they first hit the market. The typical Blackburn home is valued at around £137,000, according to live local Zoopla house price data. Areas such as Mill Hill, Ewood, Livesey and Shadsworth are becoming particularly popular for first-time buyers, and the ongoing regeneration is attracting more families to Blackburn. Houses are generally cheaper than average in Blackburn even for the North West, with housing in the city becoming more affordable.

The typical Blackburn home is worth around £137,000 according to the more recent Zoopla house price data. Average property values in Blackburn have remained visually static in the last 12 months, but prices have risen by around 16% over the last decade. Most properties were sold in the £50,000-£100,000 price range with 2451 (31.8%) properties sold, followed by £100,000-£150,000 price range with 1842 (23.9%) properties sold.


The current average value for detached houses in Blackburn is £289,584, but the average price paid currently sits at £250,870. This is a +4.71% (+13,027) increase in value compared to the 12 months previously.


The current average value for semi-detached houses in Blackburn is £159,204, but the average price paid currently sits at £150,699. This is a +5.34 (+£8,075) increase in value compared to the 12 months previously.


The current average value for terraced houses in Blackburn is £95,200, but the average price paid currently sits at £97,122. This is a -£0.15 (-£140) increase in value compared to the 12 months previously.


The current average value for flats in Blackburn is £108,539, but the average price paid currently sits at £98,837. This is a +3.57% (+£3,738) increase in value compared to the 12 months previously.

What is the average rent in Blackburn?

A four-bedroom detached family home on Rowen Park in Beardwood costs in the region of £290,000. Other popular family areas of the town include Whitehall, Sunnyhurst and Cranberry, where three-bedroom semi-detached homes usually are between £140,000 and £170,000. Two-bedroom flats generally start at £350 a month, whereas a four-bedroom detached house is priced in the region of £900.




Average property rental cost:


1 bed £392

2 bed £469

3 bed £548

4 bed £769


Where are the Best Neighbourhoods in Blackburn to Live In?

Some of the best neighbourhoods are Pleasington, Darwen, Cherry Tree, Witton, with Lammack and Beardwood being the safest. Beardwood, Feniscowles and Pleckgate are traditionally popular for families on account of the surrounding countryside and the availability of good local schools. Blackburn remains a good place to raise a family, as the gentrified area has many more people renovating old 50s homes. The most dangerous places to live in are around the town centre, where most of Blackburn’s crime takes place.


Is Blackburn a Safe City?

There are some safer areas to Blackburn, where families and young people can thrive, however there are always more dangerous areas to any city. More crime has taken place in Blackburn town centre than anywhere else, with 208 crimes recorded in September 2019 alone, the most common was shoplifting with a total of 48 incidents, anti-social behaviour was also highly reported with 44 and public order at 27, whilst violence and sexual offences were recorded 36 times. Overall throughout Blackburn, more than 1660 crimes reported in the area of Blackburn and Darwen during September 2019. Here are a list of areas and crime statistics reported by Police UK crime figures:



75 crimes were reported here in September 2019

Anti-social behaviour was the most commonly reported with 21 offences.

Next was violence and sexual offences with 21 reported.

Vehicle crime was at nine and public order at eight.



Police recorded 46 crimes in Bastwell.

17 of these were anti-social behaviour and 15 violence and sexual offences.

There were six incidents of criminal damage and arson offences.

There were four incidents of vehicle crime.


Corporation Park & Revidge

63 crimes were recorded here.

The highest reported was violence and sexual offences which were recorded 25 times.

11 incidents of criminal damage and arson.

There were also ten reports of anti-social behaviour and six times of vehicle crime.


Darwen Town Centre & Sunnyhurst

A total of 123 crimes were recorded here.

The most common was anti-social behaviour with 52 incidents.

Violence and sexual offences were recorded 25 times.

There were also ten incidents of criminal damage and arson, and seven incidents of shoplifting.


Blackburn for January 2019 – December 2019. The category of “antisocial behaviour crime” is the highest-ranking crime category when category crime rate is compared to the national average. “Antisocial behaviour crime” rate is at 171% of national crime rate which puts Blackburn on 3rd position out of 104 England’s and Wales’ postcode areas in this crime category. “Antisocial behaviour crime” makes up 29.3% of all crimes committed in the area. The total number of “antisocial behaviour crime” is 18.4k cases and has increased by 1.9% when compared year-over-year in the period of January 2019 – December 2019.

Is Blackburn a nice place to live?

Blackburn with Darwen was voted the 115th best place to live in the UK, and in another study was named the best place to live in Britain, with Burnley coming 60th out of 64 towns and cities.

Is Blackburn a good place to work?

Blackburn is renowned for its entrepreneurial spirit, as the centre of textile manufacturing in the UK and a rich heritage in the fashion sector. The town unemployment rate is low, and the average base salary is £20,015 per year which is good compared to the UK national average. There is a higher than average 48% working normal full-time hours of 35 to 45 hours per week. The town centre is currently undergoing a five year, £3m regeneration programme, the Townscape Heritage Project which is preserving and developing many of the historic buildings in the Northgate conservation area. The focus is to build offices, retail and civic buildings to strengthen Blackburn’s appeal as a destination to visit, work and live. New prospects are already supported by a number of large resident employers, including BAE Military Systems, Eka Chemicals, Thwaites Brewery, Blackburn College, East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust and Cavalier Carpets. 25% of the population works in manufacturing, this is double the nation average in the UK, and the skill base is still growing.

The 5,000 students at Blackburn College also drive notable demand for employment and money for the area in terms of rental homes, accommodation and jobs. The college has a partnership with Lancaster University and is home to a regional automobile hub supported by manufacturers such as Nissan and Skoda.

Blackburn has been named the best place in Britain to make a living, comparing average wages to mortgage repayments.


£354 average mortgage repayment

£1,646 median take home salary

21% salary going on mortgage


The mortgage repayment in the city comprises of just 21% of the median salary, whilst the cost of living is low. This also makes it a good place to retire to, as the low payments ensure that you have enough left on your retirement package to live comfortably.

What Schools are in Blackburn?

There are many good schools and colleges in Blackburn, ranging from primary, secondary and special schools, and it remains a good place for families to live. Blackburn is home to two colleges, sixth form college St Mary’s College and Blackburn College, there is no University, but higher education courses are offered by the East Lancashire Institute of Higher Education, this institute provides degree level courses for those over 18. The top schools are Tauheedul Islam Girls’ High School the best rated high school in Blackburn, rated 5 stars, following this are Jamiatul-IIm Wal-Huda and Westholme School both rated 4 stars. High achieving schools include St Gabriel’s CE Primary School that has an OFSTED Rating of Outstanding, Daisyfield Primary School, St Anthony’s RC Primary School, St Barnabas and St Paul’s Primary School, Blackburn the Reedemer Primary School, The Olive School and Feniscowles Primary School. Other state funded primary schools include: Audley Junior School, Avondale Primary School, Blackburn St Thomas’ CE Primary School, Turton Belmont Community Primary School, Wensley Fold CE Primary Academy. Special schools include Crosshill Special School, Eden School, The Heights Free School and Newfield School.


What is the Transport like in Blackburn?

The transportation sector is quite well developed in Blackburn, with the M65 linking to the M6 and M61, and the Liverpool and Leeds canal running through the town and the railway station. It conveniently sits in a commutable distance from Manchester with access via rail and the nearby M6 and M65 motorways.


By Rail

The railway station has entrances via the boulevard or cathedral quarter and the Vue Cinema car park. Bikes are available to hire at the station to assist with your onward journey. The Darwen railway station entrance is on Atlas Road a very short walk from the town hall, market and library. In the borough there are also stations at Ramsgreave, Pleasington, Cherry Tree, Mill Hill and a requested stop at Entwistle.

By Bus

Blackburn Transport was a bus company based in Blackburn from 1881 until 2007, in August 2006 Blackburn with Darwen Council announced that after 125 years of ownership they had been sold to Transdev Blazefield, in 2007, with Blackburn Transport integrated into Lancashire United. Blackburn’s new bus station is situated outside the market and mall entrances on Ainsworth Street, located in Ewood.

The largest bus operator in the borough is Transdev whose bus services include Spot On, Lancashire United, Hyndburn Connect, Mainline, Burnley Connect, Lancashire Way and Lancashire Witch Way.  They cover the areas of Blackburn, Darwen, Clitheroe, Skipton, Preston, Padiham, Nelson, Colne, Keighley, Burnley, Accrington, Chorley, Haslingden, Rawstenstall, Helmshore, Bacup, Bolton, Prestwich and Manchester. They also run services to Royal Blackburn Hospital on a 15-minute frequency, No. 23 bus from Blackburn and No. 2 bus, half hourly from Darwen.  Royal Blackburn Hospital is also accessed by Moving People and Rossendale Bus from the Rawtenstall and Pendle areas and Holmeswood Coaches from Chatburn and Accrington.

Here is a list of the nearest bus stations to Blackburn:


Bus Station, Blackburn Town Centre (11) is 181 meters away, 3 min walk.

Coach Stop, Blackburn Town Centre (C1) is 188 meters away, 3 min walk.

Bus Station, Blackburn Town Centre (8) is 188 meters away, 3 min walk.

Bus Station, Blackburn Town Centre (7) is 193 meters away, 3 min walk.

Bus Station, Blackburn Town Centre (6) is 196 meters away, 3 min walk.


Coach services also run to and from Blackburn, Darwen Coach Services operate around Blackburn and Darwen and M & M Coaches run within Blackburn and Darwen and in Accrington. Holmeswood Coaches operate to Royal Blackburn Hospital via Chatburn, Clitheroe, Accrington and Oswaldtwistle.

.  They also run to Mellor, Whalley, Brockhall, Clitheroe, Ribchester, Longridge, Salesbury and Chipping.

By Car

The transportation sector is quite well developed in Blackburn, with the M65 linking to the M6 and M61, and the Liverpool and Leeds canal running through the town and railway station. It conveniently sits in a commutable distance from Manchester with access via rail and the nearby M6 and M65 motorways. The name Blackburn is derived from the river Blakewater, which runs through the centre of town and is primarily served by the M65 which connects it to the rest of the country.

By Sea

Blackburn is landlocked within the North East; however, it is close to Blackpool and Liverpool which are on the coast. There is a popular boating lake at Queen’s Park in Blackburn and the canal. The 127-mile long Leeds and Liverpool Canal is thought by many to be the finest in England, with Pennine views, staircases of locks and the sturdy architecture of mills, warehouses and cottages. Constructed between 1770 and 1816 it became one of the most prosperous canals in the country and was a major part in bringing industry to the towns through which it past. In 1810, the first barges to arrive in Blackburn brought yarn, tallow, molasses, oil, lead, timber, malt, and 380 tonnes of coal. The canal brought agricultural produce, raw cotton and coal to Blackburn and took away the processed cotton cloth.

In recent years Eanam Wharf has been the venue of the new Blackburn Canal Festival. This is a family fun weekend celebrating the history of the Leeds Liverpool Canal & the importance that Eanam Wharf played in the development of Blackburn. Barges will gather and the crowds will be entertained with singing, dancing, hawkers and stalls.

By Air

Companies such as FlyBe and British Airways do have regular flights from London and Manchester to and from Blackburn, these take around 1 hour and are price around £30. The nearest airport to Blackburn is Manchester (MAN) Airport which is 28.1 miles away. Other nearby airports include Liverpool (LPL) (32.5 miles), Leeds Bradford (LBA) (34.8 miles), East Midlands (EMA) (80.1 miles) and Isle Of Man (IOM) (91.1 miles).


Where is the closest Airport in Blackburn?

Blackburn is accessible by Liverpool John Lennon airport and Manchester ring way airport both 1 hour and 30 minutes away. Below are further lists of airports that are closest to Blackburn.


Blackpool Airport (22.3 miles / 36.0 kilometres)

Manchester Airport (28.7 miles / 46.2 kilometres)

Liverpool John Lennon Airport (32.5 miles / 52.3 kilometres)

Leeds Bradford Airport (34.5 miles / 55.6 kilometres)

Hawarden Airport (41.14 miles / 66.21 kilometres)

Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport (63.16 miles / 101.64 kilometres)

Durham Tees Valley Airport (67.61 miles / 108.80 kilometres)


Where is the closest Hospital in Blackburn?

There are several hospitals within Blackburn and in the surrounding areas. The East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust is an NHS Hospital Trust in Lancashire, England, formed in April 2003, as the result of a locally controversial, cost saving merger of Blackburn Hyndburn & Ribble Valley (BHRV) NHS Trust and Burnley Health Care NHS Trust, first announced in September 1999. The trust’s two major bases are the Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital (0.6km), and the Burnley General Teaching Hospital. The trust’s headquarters and the majority of management is based at the Royal Blackburn Hospital, the larger of the two. There is also the BMI the Beardwood hospital (, Accrington Victoria Hospital (6.3km), Ribbleton Hospital (13.7km), Longridge Community Hospital (14.3km), Chorley and South Ribble Hospital (14.4km), Fulwood Hall Hospital (15.9km), Euxton Hall Hospital (17km), Burnley General Hospital (17km), Clitheroe Community Hospital (17.2km), Pendle Community Hospital (24.6km), Unity House (3.0km), Burnley General Teaching Hospital (20.2km), Accrington Hospital (10.2km) and Longridge Community Hospital (18.1km).


How to commute to Blackburn

The transportation sector is quite well developed in Blackburn, with the M65 linking to the M6 and M61, and the Liverpool and Leeds canal running through the town and railway station. It conveniently sits in a commutable distance from Manchester with access via rail and the nearby M6 and M65 motorways.

How to commute to the nearest city

The nearest cities to Blackburn are Manchester, Blackpool, North Lancashire, Preston, Broughton, Barton, Samlesbury off the A59 or further up to Clitheroe. Blackburn, Burnley and Accrington were named top for city commuters, named in the five best places for Manchester city workers to live and travel to their jobs. Property experts Zoopla‘s Commuters Affordability Index puts Burnley in first place with Accrington third and Blackburn fourth. The table adds up the cost of an average annual mortgage payment with price of a yearly season ticket including the travel time to Manchester city centre and the quality of life on offer. Civic leaders in the three towns welcomed the survey results but called for improvements in the reliability of rail services.

The Blackburn figures are average mortgage £3,959, season ticket £1,876, combine cost £5,835 and journey time 50 minutes. From the start of the May 2018 timetable it has been possible to get to Manchester in under an hour from all three towns. Journey times from Accrington (57 minutes) and Burnley Manchester Road (46 minutes) stations to Manchester Victoria are via the recently reopened Todmorden West Curve and from Blackburn in 50 minutes via Bolton. With the cost of commuting having risen again following an increase in the price of rail tickets, location has never been as important when looking for a new house.


What Universities are in Blackburn?

If you are a mature learner returning to education or wanting to pick up a new course, the University Centre at Blackburn College is a place where you can study, with degrees awarded by UK Top 10 Lancaster University. The nearest main Universities are either Leeds University or the University of Manchester.


Is Blackburn a student city?

Although there is no University in the city, there are a lot of students from the college.

Are the Universities safe in Blackburn?

There are no universities in Blackburn, however it is a good place for families and Blackburn College has its own Health and Safety at work Policy and aims to keep its students safe.

Where are the best places for Arts and Entertainment in Blackburn?

Blackburn has three local theatres with live music, comedy, drama and famous faces to suit a variety of ages including the King George’s Hall, Thwaites Empire Theatre and Darwen Library Theatre. The King George’s Hall in the centre of Blackburn is one of the region’s premier live entertainment complexes. Thwaites theatre is just outside Blackburn town centre and Darwen Library Theatre in the centre of Darwen’s market town, providing programmes of entertainment. Thwaites Empire Theatre opened in 1910 as a silent movie theatre, it is now one of the north west’s finest arts centre’s featuring the best in amateur and professional entertainment. It is also funded by local people and companies and reopened in 2002, the new theatre prides itself on being built by the

people for the people. The multi-million-pound leisure development on the edge of the town includes a Vue Cinema, Frankie and Benny’s, Pizza Hut and Nando’s, offering fantastic value for money in a safe environment with added bonus of free parking and direct links to Blackburn railway station. The cinema is state of the art with 10 screens, the Vue Cinema makes up part of the Townsmoor Leisure Park located just behind the railway station, where there is a speed bar and ice cream café.

There is also the Blackburn Museum & Art Gallery, which is one of the first purpose built free museums to open outside of London in 1874. The Museum houses a rich and fascinating collection covering fine art, decorative art, Egyptology, coins, manuscripts, natural history, social history and South Asia. With other 1000 Japanese prints, 5000 examples of coins and money, 500 books and manuscripts and the largest icon collection outside London.

Blackburn is surrounded by plenty of places for the outdoor enthusiast, with the West Pennine Moors to the Leeds and Liverpool canal, and numerous hiking and cycling trails. There are also many parks that trace back to the Victorian era, there are 480 acres of countryside outside Witton Country Park in Blackburn with picnic spots, walks, nature trails, a new play area and a visitor centre providing an ideal day out for the family. There is also Turton tower, an English country house accessible in Turton on the edge of the West Pennine Moors, a Tudor family built this country house as a defence for their land but it later became a luxury family home. Another popular sight is Blackburn’s Anglican cathedral, at the side of the cathedral there is also a church that has been there for the past 1000 years.

In nearby Preston, there is the Turbary Woods Owl and Birds of Prey Sanctuary where you can watch live shows, experience the flight of birds and gain hands on experience and knowledge.

For younger members of the community, there is also Funtazia, a soft play centre that accommodates everyone from 6 to 17 years of age.

What events are on in Blackburn?

The town’s football club, Blackburn Rovers FC who play at Ewood Park, won the Premier League title in 1995 and often play regularly.

There are also many events on at King George’s Hall, such as the Blackburn Classics season. This season welcomes the Royal Liverpool philharmonic orchestras, as well as ballet and opera ensembles from Vienna Russia and Italy that perform regularly in a year-round programme of quality events.

What are the best hotels in Blackburn?

There are many top hotels in Blackburn to stay in whilst you visit or if you need a break away there are many great places to stop by and relax. Some of the top hotels are Willows by Marston’s Inn (2.1 miles from centre), Stanley House Hotel & Spa (2.5 miles), Shreyas Cottage (3.1 miles), The Opening, Blackburn (3.1 miles), Kings Hotel Blackburn (550 yards), Chimneys Guest House (1,000 yards), Deer Lodge, Blackburn (4.3 miles), ViewLangho (3.1 miles), The Fernhurst by Greene King Inns (1.7 miles). Premier Inn Blackburn Town Centre Hotel (0.4 miles), Hill View Private Hotel (0.6 miles), Blakewater Hotel (0.4 miles), The Avenue Hotel at Brockhall (6.7 miles). Below are some details of further top hotels in Blackburn:

The Millstone, Mellor, 5 stars

In the peaceful village of Mellor, the award-winning Millstone, Mellor features an AA Rosette accredited restaurant and real ale bar. Down to earth but stylish country inn, average price of £65 per night.

Willows by Marston’s Inn, 5 stars

Willows by Marston’s Inn is set in Blackburn, 31km from Manchester, Liverpool is 50km from the property. The accommodation is aid conditioned and is equipped with a flat-screen TV. Average price per night is £50.

Stanley House Hotel & Spa, 4 stars

The Stanley House Hotel is an eclectic 17th-Century manor house set in the Ribble Valley. It has a restaurant and a bar, as well as free Wi-Fi and free parking. Average price per night is £99.

Blakewater Hotel, 4 stars

Located in the heart of Blackburn and a 5-minute walk from Blackburn train station, the Blakewater Hotel offers free WiFi and free public parking nearby. Every room is equipped with a flat-screen TV. Average price per night is £34.

Kings Hotel Blackburn, 4 stars

Situated in Blackburn, 400 metres from King George’s Hall, Kings Hotel Blackburn features accommodation with free WiFi and free private parking, great for town centre access. Average price per night is £44.10.

Chimneys Guest House, 4 stars

Set in Blackburn, less than 1km from King George’s Hall and 3.6km from Ewood Park, Chimneys Guest House offers free WiFi. Good location for the town. Average price per night is £49.

Myre Edge Farm, 4 stars

Featuring free WiFi throughout the property. Myre Edge Farm is set in Blackburn, 5km from King George’s Hall. Free private parking is available on site. Rooms come with a TV and DVD player. The owner also offers a taxi service. Average price per night is £80.

Palm Cottage, 5 stars

Palm Cottage offers accommodation in Blackburn, 11km from Ewood Park. Located 8km from King George’s Hall, the property provides a garden and free private parking. Average price is £120 per night.

Shreyas Cottage, 3 stars

Set just 8km from King George’s Hall, Shreyas Cottage offers accommodation in Blackburn with access to a shared lounge, a garden, as well as a shared kitchen. All brand new and modern. Good villages nearby and a river. Average price per night is £100.

Hill View Hotel, 4 stars

This small, family-run accommodation offers free WiFi. Hill View Hotel is a 10-minute walk from Blackburn’s town centre. Average price per night is £30.


Where are the best places to shop in Blackburn?

Blackburn is rapidly establishing itself as a shopping hotspot with a diverse range of high-quality shops and stores, as well as major high street names you can browse the great selection of independent businesses and popular specialist shops. The award-winning market is located in the wider level of The Mall adding to the overall shopping experience. Blackburn has the popular Mall Shopping Centre and great commuter links and transport links including bus routes. The Mall has all your high street stores under one roof, and the bright contemporary Blackburn Market offers everything you’d expect from a traditional market, nearby is the Blackburn visitor information centre and shopmobility with carparks open 6 days a week Monday to Saturday. There has also been a £9m investment into the town’s heritage buildings and the redevelopment of The Mall shopping centre dramatically increased town centre footfall.

Nearby is Oswaldtwistle Mills award-winning Shopping Village in Lancashire, ideal for shopping at many different stores. The former Weaving Mill has over 100 retailers all under one roof, 5 Restaurants, a new Ice Cream Parlour, extensive Home, Lifestyle & Garden Centre, Mill Grounds, Aquatics Specialist, Craft Centre, Textile and Heritage Museum and even its own Wildfowl Reserve. The multi award-winning mills also provides Lancashire guided Coach Tours and Group Party Packages including live entertainment and meals.


Where are the best places to eat in Blackburn?

The town centre has a large number of takeaways, restaurants, curry houses and kebab shops. A Mano, Italian restaurant and cocktail bar, has opened in One Cathedral Square opposite Turtle Bay and alongside a new Starbucks Coffee Shop.  Café Northcote, tucked under Blackburn Cathedral, continues to be popular with its modern menu full of delicious homemade treats to eat in or take away. If you are craving something sweet try Haute Dolci hand crafted desserts at their new restaurant on Church Street, Blackburn.  Blackburn’s first Micro Pub, The Drummer’s Arms, has quickly become a popular spot for locals & visitors with a taste for local ales.  The owners have taken over another public house opposite King Georges Hall called The Lemon Tree that serves burritos and spicy curries.


What are the best Bars in Blackburn?

There are many good places to go out for drinks in Blackburn, a few include: Cosmopolitan, The Firepit, Kuckoo, Ego at The Knowles Arms – Blackburn, Crowded House, Casino De Cuba, Play Gin & Beer House, Northern Crafthouse, Boston Brothers, The Alchemist Media City, Harvey’s Café Bar, Grappa at the Crofter, The Sir Charles Napier Rock Pub, Feilden’s Arms, Deniscowles, Malloy’s, FJ’s, Snuffies Bar, Dog Inn, Postal Order Pub, Cosmopolitan, The Woodsman Bar and Restaurant and Bowland Brewery Beer Hall. Nightlife in Blackburn has great little pubs and bars fast building a

reputation for musical talent and has a thriving live music scene across a number of different venues in the town. Darwen has its own vibrant scene traditional pubs lively chain bars and quirky independent places. Live music scene fast building a reputation for musical talent and has a thriving live music scene across a number of different venues in the town a regular programme of gigs at pubs around the town. Reidy’s home of music are great supporters of live music popular Sunday sessions showcase best of our local talent throughout the year they host live music workshops and demos on their in-store stage. King George’s Hall provides town with a major concert venue and has recently started to attract popular tours such as the Mersey Beatles and Jools Holland live shows all year round to suit all tastes from folk to punk pop to classical. Northern Soul is a three-room soul night at King George’s Hall where five times a year the town is transformed into one of the best soul events in the UK with Modern Soul, R’n’B, Jazz Funk and Sico across three different rooms. Below are further details on some of the best pubs to visit in Blackburn:


Feilden’s Arms

A charming pub with a warm welcome, 4 fantastic cask ales, a range of lagers, great wines and favourite spirits, 4 ensuite double rooms for bed and breakfast guests, situated on tip of Ribble Valley, Mellor Brook is ideally located to explore walks and views.

Mushies Coffee & Cocktails

A quirky cocktail bar providing a vast array of cocktails, by day a peaceful ambience with lattes and croissants and a laid-back vibe. At night it comes alive, with guests mingling to create an atmosphere like no other.


One of the exciting new developments as planned as part of the £3 million Townscape Heritage Initiative for Blackburn town centre. The bar is a 1920s/30s inspired café and cocktail bar, based in Northgate one of the streets that forms part of the scheme.

The Clog & Billycock

In Pleasington village for over 150 years, The Clog & Billycock are delighted to have it in the Brunning and Price family. One of Lancashire’s more picturesque spots, a short drive from Blackburn. The bar is located in the heart of the house, including six taps, a black bar filled with malts and gins, and a selection of 50 wines.

The Grey Mare

A popular, award-winning country pub on Lancashire’s moors, offer a variety of pub classics and homemade recipes to complement and excellent quality beer, pub has 2 cask ales, beer garden, free WiFi and parking facilities.

The Bonny Inn

Recently been refurbished by the team behind the Higher Buck in Waddington. With ever-changing specials offer a modern take on British pub food fully stocked bar with cask ales, draught beers and lagers and a wide range of wines, serve both local and regional cask ales and premium lagers alongside an extensive wine list to cater for all palates.


What are the best Student Nightclubs in Blackburn?

Thousands of students and young people attend Lancashire’s universities and enjoy nights out as part of their student experience. Many bars and clubs have become an institution in their student town, offering popular nights out, most of these take place on Wednesday. Some popular choices include Jazzy Kex, Applejax, Priviledge, Lava and Ignite, I&I, Java, Sharon’s Karaoke Disco, TK Leisure and Renedvous.


What are the best Student Nights in Blackburn?

Student nights, live music and events have been planned to bring nightlife back to Blackburn, with the council planning to revitalise the town’s night time economy. Local landlords have been keen on the idea of regular student nights and reduced business rates, to create more income from students and young people. In kickstarting the night time economy initiative the council envisages establishing a night time economy working group which will commit to work together to stage weekly student and live music nights in return to reduced business rates of up to 50%.  The council also hopes to bring back big acts to King George’s Hall and create a hive of live music activity around it to encourage young people from across Lancashire to go out into town at night. King George’s Hall is also establishing itself as a venue for big music acts and regular functions. Many bars and clubs have become an institution in their student town, offering popular nights out. Lancaster University has nine bars on campus one for each college at the university.



The combined venue of Dalton rooms and Glow Nightclub hosts the main student night of the week, Skint Mondays where they have cheap drinks and a regular theme.


Tuesday is a big night for students, where you can head to Hustle, another iconic student venue, with cheesy tunes, discounted drinks and regular food giveaways.


Wednesday night is another Sugarhouse student night. These Social Wednesday’s often see sports teams and societies that usually go out on a Wednesday enjoying discounted drinks and themes.


Thursdays are also another popular night at Thirsty Thursday’s at Hustle, where there are drink deals and a karaoke competition with a prize of £50.


There are regular student nights on Fridays and Saturdays at Sugarhouse, the Student Union’s nightclub, with discounted entry for those holding a student ID or purple card, bands and DJs regularly visit the venue.


SugarHouse is the main venue for a great student night out on Saturdays.


The town is normally quite quiet on Sundays, with a few bars open for drinks.



Top 10 Things to do in Blackburn

  1. Turton and Entwistle Reservoir
  2. Witton Country Park
  3. Blackburn Cathedral
  4. Blackburn Empire Theatre
  5. Ewood Park
  6. King Georges Hall
  7. Blackburn Museum & Art Gallery
  8. Planet Ice Blackburn
  9. St Alban’s Roman Catholic Church
  10. Corporation Park

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