The Checklist to Securing your Home Whilst on Holiday

Nothing is worse than coming back from a relaxing and happy holiday to find out someone has broken into your house and stolen your most valuable items. Most burglaries can be prevented, or maybe managed, by following some steps. This guide will take you to the essential steps you should take to make sure your home is secure before you go on a holiday.

Securing your home while on holiday

Inside and Outside your House Security

Ensure your Door’s Integrity

The first and most important step is the first place a burglar will look at for a house break in, your door. If your door can be broken by applying strong force into it or has a problem, it is time to either change it before a long holiday or fix the problem before you leave.  67% of burglaries in the UK happen through a door; this means as long as you have a vulnerable door that force can be easily applied into it, a successful break in when you are away will occur.


Door Lock

A door lock is another major reason for a house burglary. The best way to secure your door on a holiday is to get a night latch deadbolt as they usually work with your normal door lock. Additionally, if there is a problem such as loose door locks, door knobs, and door handles.

In fact, locking your shed properly is also as important if you are storing your patio furniture or bicycles inside.


Window Security

Smashing windows is a common way of house burglary. A strong window material can help for better security when you are away, clearly after locking them properly. Additional window security also includes window restrictors and hinge and security bolts.

Read our additional home window security page here.


Install a Smart Security Camera

A smart security camera, whether outdoor or indoor, will help you monitor your house as if you are physically there to check in. It will also give you alerts when there is a movement in your property when you are not there. They can be affordable and easily linked to your computer or tablet for access whenever you need a quick check.

Securing home while on holiday

Hold your Deliveries

Whether it is mail, a newspaper delivered to your house on regular basis or an online delivery that is expected to arrive after you leave your house, make sure you stop any delivery before you leave as it can be a huge indicator that no one is in the house to pick them up.

Put your Valuables Out of Sight

Placing your valuables whether outside your home (such as your garden furniture) or inside your home where they can’t be seen easily is a crucial part of securing your home before leaving for a holiday. In fact, most burglars aren’t after household essential items; they are always after your valuables and most expensive items, which is why hiding them is essential.


Activating your Alarm System

If you have an intruder alarm, make sure you activate it properly before you leave for the holiday. They are a great way as they make sound and light when an intruder is inside, which your neighbours can hear. A smart alarm system is also preferable as it can make you monitor your house when it’s empty.



If you are going away for a holiday, it is a good idea to re-check your insurance to know what covers your house and what does not. This will help you invest in the right security system that can secure what your insurance won’t cover. Read our guide to Insurance here.


Looking after your Garden

If it is a long vacation, we recommend you hire someone who can look after your garden. A long grass growing in your garden is a huge indication there is no one at home. Looking after your garden includes removing all gardening tools left outside that intruders would use to break in your home.


Don’t Spread the Word

If you are going on a holiday for so long, don’t tell too many people or post on social media, as it will increase the possibility of house burglary. A Facebook hotel check-in, for instance, is a huge mistake someone can do to indicate they are not at home. If you want to share your trip with your family and friends, wait until you are back from the holiday.


Need a Locksmith?

There is nothing that can make your house 100% secure, but by taking some simple measures you can deter thieves. Look out for sturdy doors and windows or consider replacing them when they are old and worn. Having the locks changed is one of the BEST things you can do to protect your new home.

Hiring a professional Locksmith to fit these is the only way to be sure that your locks are insurance compliant. Keytek® offer a free home security check with every job we do, so if you book us in for the day you move we can appraise your home and give you our best advice on how to keep the burglars away. Talk to the Locksmith about anti-snapping locks and any other doors you need securing such as a garage, gate or shed as our professional Engineers carry a wide variety of locks on every job.

You can find a rough guide for the cost of Locksmith services on our Locksmith Prices Page.



Vulnerable doors and locks are what attract intruders the most. You have to make sure you have a sturdy door and lock before looking for any extra protection for your house.

Statistics prove that after a successful break in when no one is at home, the first thing a burglar would look at is the master bedroom, followed by the living room and study/office rooms. It is therefore best not to store your valuables there before your trip.

Yes, while people are often distracted with their outdoor BBQ, and summer holiday arrangements and preparations, and emptying their house for trips, burglars are probably planning to break into properties.

Surprisingly, No! National Statistics have concluded that nearly 60% of home burglaries happen during the day rather than at night. Leaving your light on will provide lower protection to your house than expected.