Garden Security Checklist

During the warmer months, having an unprotected garden can be a worry as this is when we tend to take vacations and trips potentially leaving your garden insecure. When the winter arrives, we don’t use the garden as much due to rain and cold weather, which can make it unprotected. In fact, how secure your garden is will reflect on your home’s overall security since it is the first place a potential burglar will pass through.

If your garden is well protected and has security measures applied to it, your home will in turn have some more security. What can someone do to ensure better security for their garden at all times? This guide will take you through the main garden security checklist.

Garden Security Checklist

CCTV Cameras

The first step is every burglar’s worst nightmare, CCTV Cameras. Installing a CCTV camera will ensure you are maintaining additional security measures, which includes not only deterring burglars but will also help in catch them after a successful theft.

Even if you didn’t see a burglar instantly while trying to break-in, you can sit rest assured that your camera will take responsibility for face recognition to hunt them down. CCTV cameras are often used by businesses or large/outdoor places, which is why it’s a great security measure for your garden.

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Burglar Alarms

This second step should be carefully considered. Installing a burglar alarm will make a noise that would wake you and everyone around you up. An intruder/burglar alarm will also add extra security to your garden, and even better if you have police monitoring.  They detect movement or the opening of doors and windows using sensors and contacts, and a loud alarm is emitted to warn others around of the intrusion, which will help you reduce the risk of being burgled at all. Whatever your alarm type is, hard wired, wireless, or hybrid systems, they all provide motion sensors, control panels, and a noisy sound. Even just a dummy alarm can provide a layer of security as if a burglar sees this; they are less likely to target your home.

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Garden Security checklist lighting

Garden Lighting

Garden lighting will certainly show burglars who hide in the dark prior to a burglary. Garden lighting should be at the top of your list, not only because it exposes burglars, but also to provide you with the following benefits:

  • Peace of mind – it’s peaceful to know that no one will be hiding in the darkness to target your house

  • Sense of safety – it provides a sense of safety and security in terms of knowing your motion lights will turn on when someone comes by.

  • Practicality – it provides you with the ease to do whatever you want in your garden at night while keeping you safe.

There are many types of Garden lighting, starting from motion lights to LED and solar lights. It all depends on your property type and what suits your purposes. There are many benefits of installing a garden light for security, mentioned below. It is also important not to rely solely on these as they are only beneficial at night, and most burglaries in the UK surprisingly happen during the day, between 10 AM – 3 PM.

However, keep in mind that any type of outdoor lighting that is not motion sensor will be costly as you will have to keep it on whereas motion sensor lights will be an inexpensive option as they only turn on when someone passes by.

Garden Shed

52% of the UK population own a garden shed, and burglars are aware that they are the most vulnerable part of your house. Therefore, securing your garden shed should also be prioritized.

Even though you may think you don’t store any of your valuables inside, any tools inside the shed can be an invitation to burglars to break in your house.

The following tips are crucial to check for better shed security:

  • Position – it is important not to place your shed somewhere secluded in your garden where it won’t be seen as easily.

  • Windows – if your shed has windows, consider applying any film to avoid seeing what is inside. Most burglars would look first at how much they can get from a house/shed before they break in.

  • Lights – some people find it worth applying motion lights into their shed. If you are storing a valuable bicycle, or even some gardening tools that can be exploited for a break in, then it is worth installing a motion sensor light to your shed.

Don’t present your wealth

Many people, especially after the pandemic, started to invest in their own outdoor areas and gardens, getting ready for more BBQs and gatherings at home. This will attract more burglars to you as they will know there will be an opportunity for a good theft. Therefore, it is best to keep it low key when choosing your garden items/furniture.

Garden Gates/Fences

When 87% of UK households have gardens in their house, it should be an essential step to secure your garden gate and fence.

Garden gates

Front garden gates are of utmost importance. Usually, people put the effort into decorating their front gate or choosing the best looking design and forget about adding extra security to it, even though most burglaries in the UK have been through a front door. If your front gate is unprotected, then it is time to look for different security measures that can be applied to it.

Side and back garden gates are also crucial when it comes to garden security as they are not frequently used, which means accidentally leaving them opened will increase the chance of your house’s burglary.

Automated garden gates

Automated gates are gaining more popularity each day in residential properties. They are often used for the front door and are popular for its convenience and security. If you are looking for high security with convenience, automated gates are a perfect choice; however they are usually quite expensive.

Make sure you consider the following when it comes to the security of your garden gates:

  • Select the right material (whether metal or wooden)
  • Choose the right lock for your gate
  • Select your additional security (hinges, spikes, etc.)
  • Follow the government rules when choosing your additional security gate

Garden Fences

Installing a garden fence should be one of your main concerns for your garden security. This includes making sure you choose the right fence type for your property as well as protecting it with additional security measures, such as:

  • Spikes
  • Barbed wire
  • Plants
  • Anti-climb paints

Please always make sure to check your garden fence is following the rules and regulations set by the government.

Garden Plants

Surprisingly, the security of Garden plants is split into two different types. The first aspect is to secure your plants that you have spent money and time on and the second is to use specific plants as a tool to deter burglars.

  1. Stolen Plants

If you live in the UK, you will probably be aware or see many open or flea markets around you. This is the main reason why thieves steal your garden plants. In order to avoid your plants getting stolen, it is suggested that you:

  • Place them in heavy pots that would be hard to carry, especially with any burglar’s quick pace.

  • Choose your plants wisely – don’t over present your expensive flowers or the ones you have waited for so long to grow.

  • Protective wrappings, such as the horticultural fleece, are another idea to protect your plants from weather damage, which include cold and wet weather, not just burglary.


  1. Using plants as a burglar deterrent

Some plant types are popular for garden security. You can use thorny plants for a better burglar prevention.

Garden Items

It is very important to know how to secure and hide your garden Items, including your tools, to avoid theft. But, have you considered marking them?

You should consider using a UV pen or something similar to etch your items in your garden as part of your security checklist. This will not only function as a deterrent, but it will also ensure that if something is taken and later recovered by the police, it has a higher chance of being returned to you.


Hedges are a great idea that won’t destroy your home’s overall look while also serving as a great security barrier. If you’re going to plant a hedge, go for something thorny like hawthorn or blackthorn. Keep in mind that you should always keep your hedges trimmed and well-maintained, especially those towards the front of your house, because you don’t want burglars to be able to hide in their shadows.

garden security checklist insurance


If you don’t have home insurance, it is better and worth looking for the best policy that will cover your valuables at a good price including your garden valuables. If you already have home insurance, then it is worth checking all your documents and see what is covered and what is not, so you can know what needs extra security and what needs an extra investment.

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Garden Security FAQs:

There are many ways to secure your garden, but how secure your garden gate/fence is should be the first consideration for better security.

The main reason a shed is designed is to secure your items; however, because burglars know that, it is a huge target for them, and quite often do they get stolen. If you have secured it the right way, then it will be very secure for your outdoor items.

There are many ways to protect your garden fence. You can apply spikes, barbed wire, thorny plants, or use anti-climb paints. Please check regulations before applying any of these security measures.

The first places burglars look at are the master bedrooms and living rooms.