Master Suites

Master Key Suite

A Master Key suite is a system designed to give designated key holders access to specific areas or buildings and a ‘Master Key Holder’ access to all locks within the suite. Master Key suites offer high security solutions and convenience for companies looking for the perfect access control system.


What are the benefits?

Controls security within one or more buildings as it gives designated individuals access to specific parts of a building, for example; different departments, private areas or delivery zones.


How a Master Suite works

How a Master Suite works

Other options:


Construction Master Keying

This function enables constructers (builders) to issue a construction key that will operate all the cylinders under the system, once the property has been handed over to the tenant/owner the construction key is locked out once the cylinder is operated by the tenant/owners key. This system eliminates the need for multiple keys during the build process.


Key Life or Landlords System

This system is designed to minimise the changing of door cylinders when tenants leave the property (for whatever reason) but do not return all copies of the key to the landlord. We design key changes into the cylinder so when a tenant leaves, the next tenant key once operated in the cylinder will lock out the previous tenant’s key. Up to 4 key lives can be built into the cylinder. This type of arrangement is not normally under a master key as most landlords are not happy to hold master keys to tenant’s properties.

All systems or suites described on this page will come with restricted keys therefore any additional keys required will need to be cut by the initial supplier. Anyone in possession of these restricted keys will not be able to get any additional keys cut unless they have authorisation to do so, giving you added peace of mind when it comes to the security of your business.