May 13, 2016 | Becki Hooper | Blog

5 Essential Security Gadgets For Every Traveller


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Every year thousands of people decide to pack up, travel and discover different parts of the world. When travelling long distances and being far away from family and friends it’s nice to feel safe and many companies have brought new products to the market to help you with your security when travelling. These are some great gadgets we found online.


1. Door Jammer

If you find yourself in a hotel or hostel and you are unsure about the security of the room you’re staying in Door Jammers are perfect for adding extra security to the door. The device is fairly small about the same size as an iPhone and can easily be fitted into in to your bag for your travels.

Door Jammer


2. Outdoor Tech Buckshot Bro

It’s always handy to take a torch with you when travelling in case of a black out or travelling through the night, but bright torches can often be quite chunky. The Tech Buckshot is perfect for travellers the multipurpose device includes a wireless speaker that connects to your mobile via Bluetooth, a portable power bank and a LED flashlight. The device is waterproof and shockproof and acts as the perfect companion for anyone travelling.

Tech Buckshot Pro


3. Pacsafe Carrysafe

When travelling around your mobile devices can sometimes be your lifeline for either keeping in touch with friends or family or to be used in the event of an emergency, so it’s important it isn’t broken along the way. The Pacsafe Carry strap can simply strap around your wrist to deter thieves from snatching the tablet or device from your hand. The strap automatically tightens if you drop your device to stop it from being dropped to the floor and smashed helping make sure you never smash the screen to your device.



4. SleepSentinel

Travellers will stay in many places as they travel across the globe. Wherever we stay we can be at risk of fire and smoke or poisoning by carbon monoxide that can be caused by faulty heating or cooking equipment. We have to trust the hotel or accommodation provider when we stay but unfortunately many countries across the world don’t have the safety regulations as us in the UK this where SleepSentinel can help. SleepSentinel is a portable smoke and carbon monoxide detector which can easily be carried and used when travelling and sleeping in an unfamiliar place to alert you of any smoke or carbon monoxide is detected.



5. TP-Link Wifi Pocket Router

It can be important to access the internet when travelling to either plan your trip, check on transport times or check in with family. If you travel you’ve probably run into issues with trying to connect to hotel or hostel Wi-Fi. You can create your own Wi-Fi network by using a ethane cable and connecting the router the sockets found in many hotel rooms and reception desks and much more reliable way of finding internet if where you’re staying has a poor connection. The router also has a built in USB port and can be used as a charging device!

TP-Link Wifi Pocket Router

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