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In this guide we go over everything you’ll ever need to know about living in Barnsley; from discussing the best neighborhoods to the ones to avoid to the average house prices, this blog holds all the answers to you questions and more!

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What and Where is Barnsley?

Barnsley is a town situated in the heart of southern Yorkshire, and remains rooted in its heritage of coal, mining and glass making. At home between Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield, Barnsley is the largest town within the Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley.

What is the Population of Barnsley?

In 2016, the Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council reported that population of Barnsley is 239,300 people. This was an increase of +7.5% since 2005. The below image shows Barnsley demographics by age breakdown:

Barnsley Population Breakdown demographics

What is the Population of Barnsley 2020?

Barnsley Population demographics projections for 2020

The projected population for Barnsley in 2020 is 247,600; this would be an increase of +4.1% if compared to 2014. The population projections are fairly similar to the actual figures in 2016, with the share remaining consistent, aside from the estimated drop in under 16 year olds, and reinforce the ideal that Barnsley is a popular place for families.


What is the Average House Price in Barnsley?

The average property price in Barnsley is £154,140, with the average price being paid £149,590. This is a +4.22% (£6,239) increase in average property value compared to the previous 12 months.


The average price of a detached house in Barnsley is £246,303; however the average price paid is an estimated £228,917. This is a +4.92% (£11,553) increase in house prices from the previous 12 months.


The average price of a semi-detached house in Barnsley is £136,612; however the average price paid is an estimated £130,752. This is a +6.48% (£8,311) increase in house prices from the previous 12 months.


The average price of a terraced house in Barnsley is £102,990; however the average price paid is an estimated £96,582. This is a +4.68% (£4,608) increase in house prices from the previous 12 months.


The average price of a terraced house in Barnsley is £119,461; however the average price paid is an estimated £84,243. This is a +4.57% (£5,221) increase in house prices from the previous 12 months.


What is the Average Rent in Barnsley?

The estimated average rent in Barnsley for a property is £517pcm.

Number of BedroomsEstimated Average Price pcm

By Property Type

Property TypeEstimated Average Price pcm


Is Barnsley a Nice Place to Live?

The Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley comprises of several small settlements that boasts both the benefits of rural countryside with rolling hills and urban expense with benefits such as good transportation links and cultural diversity.

The residents of Barnsley are reported to be friendly, linking into the northern expectation of hospitality and then paired to the sprawling green farm lands that are complimented with wooded valleys; it soon becomes an attractive prospect for people looking to relocate.

Barnsley does offer a lower quality of life than the neighbouring cities of Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield but more than makes up for it with the number of good neighbourhoods and the standard of education that it offers through the various schools.


Is Barnsley a Safe Place to Live?

Crime stats for Barnsley 2019

Out of the 25,712 crimes reported within 2019, the highest crime reported was ‘Violent Crime’ holding 30.6% of overall crimes. When compared to the population this equates to an estimate of 1 crime per 10 people.

However, the Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council has created a ‘Safe Places’ scheme to ensure people feel safe whilst out in Barnsley, partnering with local police and businesses if anyone ever feels in danger or needs help they go into a shop that is displaying the Safe Places sticker in their window and talk to a staff member. From here depending on the situation, they can get the help they need and contact the relevant people. This scheme was designed to ensure that people always have a safe place to go to should they be lost, feel confused, be harassed or are in general distress.


What are the Best Neighbourhoods in Barnsley to Live In?

Darton and Dodworth are the more upscale neighbourhoods in the region, sporting large detached houses sitting on vast tracks of land, so if you wanted more of the country feel with space to boot these might be the areas for you.

Areas such as Redbrook, Barugh Green and Pogmoor are the perfect place to find a patch of semi-detached bliss. Popular among families for its reasonable house sizes and proximity to the local schools these areas are the one to look at if you’re relocating with family.


Areas of Barnsley to Avoid if you Moving There

If you are looking to move into the quiet country life and have settled on Barnsley, than the less desirable places for you would be the Kendray area. Due to numerous amounts of pubs, bars and restaurants it can be a hotspot for anti-social behaviour.


Living in Barnsley



Situated between 3 considerably large cities, one of the best ways to travel is by train. By direct train you could be in Leeds or Sheffield within half an hour, and with a short stop into Sheffield you can be in Manchester within 90 minutes.


By passed by both the M1 (northbound/southbound) and the A365 (eastbound/westbound) there are multitude of locations that can be reached within a reasonable time. Manchester; 90 minutes, Leeds; 30 minutes, Sheffield; 40 minutes.


You can reach 3 of the surrounding airports from Barnsley in just under two hours; the closest of which is the Doncaster/Sheffield airport which is only a 40 minute drive. The recommended airport however is the Manchester airport due to its size and destination opportunities, it will take just under the hour to reach by car.


With over 100 schools in Barnsley, there are plenty in which to choose from. There are 86 primary schools, 19 secondary schools and 8 schools/colleges that cater for 16 to 18 year olds.  21 out of the 100 schools have received an ‘Outstanding’ rating from Ofsted.

Landmarks and History

Barnsley is one of England’s oldest market towns, holding one of the oldest market charters that dates back to the 13 century; Barnsley obtained the Royal Charter to host a market in 1249. With centuries of history the town is still well known for its vast markets both indoor and outdoor.


As a famous market town, Barnsley has got all the food stops, restaurants and eateries that any foodie could possibly want. If you want organic, home-grown food the market stalls in the market will satisfy your appetite, if you want a taste of authentic cuisines ranging from Italy to India or some country pub grub then the vast array of eateries in the town centre are sure to please all.


Shopping lovers will be delighted to visit The Alhambra Shopping centre, home to more than 40 different stores with named brands such as Primark and TK Maxx, you are sure something to tempt those purse strings. If you want to find something truly unique, you can head next door to the thriving and historic Barnsley market where shoppers can find almost anything from the 300 market stalls.


Commuting to Sheffield from Barnsley

By car

It can take anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half to reach Sheffield by car during rush hour and the time can also be dependent on how far into the city centre you need to go. Getting to Sheffield by car is primarily a journey on the M1 which you can reach from Barnsley by the A628.

By train

There is a train that connects Barnsley to Sheffield that arrives approximately every 20 minutes run by Northern trains, this train service will take an estimated 30 minutes.


Commuting to Manchester from Barnsley

By car

During rush hour you can expect to have an estimated journey time of 120 minutes when driving to Manchester from Barnsley. The fastest route to take is along the A628, which can be taken straight from Barnsley into the A roads that surround Manchester.

By train

You cannot get a direct train to Manchester from Barnsley and will either have to stop at Sheffield or Huddersfield. Changing at Huddlesford is quicker by minutes compared to changing in Sheffield, and with a smaller station size Huddlesford would make the better option. You can expect the journey to take around 90 minutes all together.


Commuting to Leeds from Barnsley

By car

It can take to an hour to commute from Barnsley to Leeds during rush hour. By following the M1 until the M261, you’ll be on the fastest route.

By train

The direct train from Barnsley to Leeds will take around 30 minutes, and there are multiple that run every hour.

By Bus

You can take the X10 bus directly to Leeds from Barnsley Bus Station, this journey will take you approximately 53 minutes.


Where to Stay in Barnsley

Premier Inn Barnsley Central

With 4.5 Stars on Trip Advisor from over 900 reviews this hotel is sure to suit any needs. From business trips to weekend getaways to family holidays this Premier Inn is perfectly situated in the heart of Barnsley for easy access to everything this little market town has to offer. With 63 restaurants and 28 attractions within a radius of 0.3 mile, this the perfect hotel for avid walkers who want to enjoy the rolling countryside walk whilst journeying to their destination.

Ibis Styles Barnsley Hotel

A newly refurbished hotel with a modern and unique design, perfect for a place to relax at the end of the day. Unfortunately this hotel is positioned slightly away from the town centre, so walking will most likely be out of the question, however, should you want to have a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle to relax this might be the place for you. With a 4 star rating on Trip Advisor, the vast majority of the reviews are singing the hotels praises!


What’s the Closest University to Barnsley?

Barnsley sits within 3 major locations in the north; Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield, all of which have a large university within the city centres. The closest University is Sheffield at only 16 miles away from Barnsley, Manchester and Leeds University are slightly father away at 35 and 22 miles respectively.

Sheffield University

Rated 45th on the Guardians University Guide 2020, Sheffield University is housed within beautiful period buildings mixed with newer high tech buildings to support students learning and development. Notably the University has had six members of staff receive the Nobel Prize, with the latest being Professor Sir Fraser Stoddart winner of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Leeds University

Named The Times and The Sunday Times University of the Year in 2017, and ranking 11th on The Guardians University Guide 2020, Leeds University has created an atmosphere of supported learning and excellence which is further shown by their membership of the Russell group of Universities and the twice honour as winner of the Queen’s Anniversary Prize.

Manchester University

Manchester University is home to some of the biggest names within academia, such as Brian Cox; A professor of particle physics, author Jeanette Winterson; winner of a Whitbread Prize and a BAFTA and Michael Wood; a member of the Royal Historical Society who teaches Public History.


What’s the Closest Airport to Barnsley?

The closest airport to Barnsley is the Doncaster Sheffield Airport which houses multiple flights a day to vast destinations including Europe and some parts of the Americas. This airport is a 40 minute drive down the M1 from Barnsley.

However, the recommended airport is Manchester Airport due to its size and over variety in destinations; which include Dubai, Asia and further reaches of the world. Manchester Airport is a 90 minute journey from Barnsley down the A628.


What is Closest Hospital to Barnsley?

Located centrally to Barnsley on Gawber Road is the Barnsley General District Hospital. This hospital offers a range of district services such as an emergency department, outpatient clinic, inpatient services and maternity and children services.


Top 10 Things to do in Barnsley

  1. RSPB Old Moor
  2. Elsecar Heritage Centre
  3. Wigfield Farm
  4. Wentworth Castle Gardens
  5. Barnsley Metrodome Waterpark – Calypso cove
  6. Locke Park
  7. Pot House Hamlet
  8. The Barnsley Lamproom
  9. Elsecar Park
  10. Expereince Barnsley Museum and Discovery Centre.


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