The Top Ten Security Tips List

In the UK, it has been proven that there is one burglary that happens every 108 seconds. This means that there are around 34 burglaries that happen in an hour. In order to avoid a terrible experience, we have put together the top ten security tips for you to make sure you are staying safe and reduce the chance of losing your valuables.

In the UK, it has been proven that there is one burglary that happens every 108 seconds. This means that there are around 34 burglaries that happen in an hour. In order to avoid a terrible experience, we have put together the top ten security tips for you to make sure you are staying safe and reduce the chance of losing your valuables.

top ten security tips list

1.     Repair or change your door & Locks

There are many reasons why you would repair or change your front door. Whether it is a swelling door, broken or rusty hinges, problems with door alignment, or lubrication issues, your door should have frequent checks to decide whether it is in need of a repair it or if it is worth replacing the whole door with a new one.

Whether a door or window lock, it is important to always upgrade and fit the most secure locks to keep security as high as possible. Locks in general are the most vulnerable and weak point to any burglar; if not properly installed and in working order, a burglar will be able to access your home with ease. If you have a uPVC door, it is worth looking into having an Anti-Snap lock fitted. Euro locks found on uPVC doors are vulnerable to a technique called ‘lock snapping’ which gives a burglar access to your home in a matter of seconds. Read here for more information on Anti-Snap locks.

Smart locks are another way to change your locks for a better upgrade as they will avoid lost and stolen keys as well as easy control when no one is at home.


2.     Fit a Smart System

The main benefit of fitting a smart system to your house is the “avoidance of confrontation”. This means preventing a burglary and costly damage to any part of your house. Smart home systems include smart sensors and cameras, which can all be connected to a hub that you can control on your Smartphone. Smart lighting/sensors are usually installed in the garden to draw attention to any suspicious movement before it comes to the house. Smart security cameras, whether indoor or outdoor, scare off burglars as they know they can reveal their identities to the police, besides the house owner’s ability to watch it anytime through the day.


3.     Alarms

Burglar alarms and fire/smoke alarms are both crucial when it comes to security. When you experience a home break in, you would want to know as soon as it happens, you would want your neighbours to know, and eventually you would want the police to know. Alarm systems will achieve this purpose. Burglar alarms would make a noise that will draw your attention as well as everyone’s around you.

There is nothing better than an early warning of a threat that can get out of control. Fire alarms are a top security consideration that will help you know about a fire or dangerous smoke, such as carbon monoxide, before it affects someone in a household or a workplace by making noisy sounds for people to evacuate.


4.     Data Security

top ten security tips list

Data security includes many aspects inside a house. From your Wi-Fi to paperwork and computers or laptops, a top security tip is to make sure your data is secure as it could be an attraction to thieves. The following are the most important data security tips:

  • Use a strong Wi-Fi password

  • If working remotely, make sure your devices contain security measures.

  • Do not leave any laptops or paperwork in your living room or anywhere that can be of sight.

  • Get rid of old IT equipment/devices


5.     Plant Security

Plant security can be an unnecessary tip for many people, but plants do get stolen by thieves. If you are particularly a person who is interested in growing plants, it is essential to consider some tips to protect your plants from being stolen and sold at flea markets. The following are the top tips:

  • Placing them in heavy pots – this will make it harder to be held by thieves.

  • Don’t display your prize flowers – if you have precious or rare plants, it is best to keep them in the back garden


6.     Prevent DIY disasters

According to Aviva, UK homeowners spend an average of £16 billion per year to fix issues with their house that has gone completely wrong. This means that a UK household would spend an average of £589 per year to adjust all house issues.

When it comes to installing any security measure to your house, it is recommended that you hire a professional to help you rather than going to the DIY strategy that could cost you a lot more in the long run. Some security DIY disasters include:

  • Wrong security camera DIY installation

  • Wrong alarm installation & battery changes

  • Door Hardware Repair

  • Password breach

  • Home coverage – this includes garage door/entrances

  • Window lock DIY installation


7.     Outbuilding/ Shed Security Investment

The outdoor area for your house is often neglected even though it has valuables, including garden tools, valuables, or bicycles. Keeping all your gardening tools and expensive valuables inside a secured shed is the best way to help make sure thieves won’t steal them away. A secured shed will help prevent thieves not only from stealing your tools and valuables but also from using these tools to easily break into your house.


8.     Make it seem occupied

If you are away, even on a day trip, don’t make your house seem unoccupied. Ensuring you schedule deliveries for days you are home is essential, as a parcel outside your home is an indicator you might not be home. You can avoid piling up the newspaper/mails/deliveries by asking a trusted neighbour to collect it as soon as it is delivered to your house.  The following are tips to help you make your house seem occupied:

  • Timed lighting

A great way to make your house seem in use is timed lighting, which you can control by setting a time so they can switch off when it is night time. Anyone watching your house would assume someone is staying at home, and it could be even worth setting a timer to turn off the downstairs light first followed by the upstairs light.

  • Car Parking

Car parking is a huge indication that the house owners are not there. A recommended solution is to ask your close neighbours if someone would want to park their cars in front of your house/garage. If they have people coming over during your holiday, offer your car space to them.

  • Curtains

Your curtains play a huge role in assuming if the house is occupied. Therefore, consider investing in programmable windows that can be set on time like timed lighting, these can open and shut whilst you are not home giving the appearance of being there. If you find it not worth investing in a programmable window, then leave one or two curtains opened before you go away. Just make sure the all your valuables are hidden properly.

  • Garden

Making your garden seem occupied is also as important as your house. Consider picking all your gardening tools, locking your shed, and preparing heavier pots for your plants. If you are going away for a while, it might be worth investing in timed lighting for your garden as well.


9.     Never hide spare keys

Many of us would think of hiding a key somewhere near the door to prevent the hassle and experience of losing or forgetting our keys. However, it should be avoided. Experienced burglars will probably know all the hiding places that you can think of. If you are a person who is in constant need of a spare key, why not go keyless and install a smart lock? Or look at a Keysafe?

10. Social Media

This may not be one you have considered, but social media is a huge hint you are not at home. A survey completed in the UK has shown that 78% of burglars use social media as the main tool to get their targets.

Whether sharing your pictures online when not on a private mode or completing a check in hotel on Facebook, take into consideration burglars might be looking at your social media accounts. A further tip when it comes to social media is to avoid having your address as a default on your social media accounts. What’s even better is to avoid sharing any pictures until you are back home even if you are in private settings.

Need a Locksmith?

There is nothing that can make your house 100% secure, but by taking some simple measures you can deter thieves. Look out for sturdy doors and windows or consider replacing them when they are old and worn. Having the locks changed is one of the BEST things you can do to protect your new home.

Hiring a professional Locksmith to fit these is the only way to be sure that your locks are insurance compliant. Keytek® offer a free home security check with every job we do, so if you book us in for the day you move we can appraise your home and give you our best advice on how to keep the burglars away. Talk to the Locksmith about anti-snapping locks and any other doors you need securing such as a garage, gate, or shed as our professional Engineers carry a wide variety of locks on every job.


Security Tips FAQs:

Yes, if you are not very experienced in DIY with home security, call a professional to do it for you as it can cost you more in the long run.

The best ways to keep your house data secure is to choose a strong Wi-Fi password and choose a smart hiding place in your house for all your paperwork and laptops.

Yes, 78% of burglars in the UK use social media as the main tool to find a proper target.