June 12, 2017 | Becki Hooper | News

Woman discovers burglar in her Cumbernauld home


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Glove covered hand opening a wood covered door with a crowbar

A woman discovered a burglar, dressed in all black, in her bedroom at 4.30am while she was sleeping.  After the burglar fled from the property the victim noticed several of her belongings had been stolen, including her mobile phone from her bedside table.

Upon closer inspection, it was brought to light that the burglar had been rummaging through cupboards at the property, and had gotten away with contents which will require a four figure sum to compensate. The victim’s patio door was discovered wide open following the burglary, indicating this was the main access into and out of the home.

According to the Police.UK website, research shows in the majority of burglaries, criminals most commonly broke into homes by forcing the locks on doors. For this reason, we believe it is vital to ensure the locks on your doors are strong and secure.


When upgrading the locks on your doors, our locksmiths will always recommend a British Standard lock, as these are widely recognised as a sign of quality and reliability. Our locksmiths are experienced, credible and trustworthy, and will ensure to only recommend the best quality products when carrying out a full home security and insurance compliance check.

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