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5 Worst Places to Hide Your Valuables


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Millions of people hide their valuables in their home. While this helps many to feel like their valuables are safe, many people actually fail to smartly hide their valuables. Even if it’s hidden out of sight, some places are known by burglars due to people commonly hiding valuables there.

Therefore, when you decide to hide something in your home, you need to make sure that they are well hidden in an unpredicted place and you avoid using all the obvious places a burglar will go to first.

In this blog, we have gathered the top worst places to hide your valuables to keep your items as safe as possible in case of any intrusion!



Many people tend to believe that drawers are a secure place to hide everything as you can hide it underneath clothing or bedding etc. But think of it this way, when you lose something, the first thing you will do is open any drawer that you use often and look for it in case you have misplaced there or have accidentally dropped it.

avoid hiding your valuables in your drawers, 5 worst places to hide valuables at home and staying secure and safe locksmiths

A burglar thinks the same way as it’s the easiest place to check if there are any valuables. Whether it is an underwear or socks drawer, desk drawer, or bedside drawer, burglars will certainly look there first!


Freezer or Fridge

Hiding valuables in the fridge or freezer has become increasingly common. It’s a tactic that has featured in many movies and therefore the chances of a burglar rummaging through your frozen food has actually risen.

Burglars often look through the fridge looking for prescription medication, which they can sell on later. People have been known to wrap their valuables in foil or store them in food packaging inside the fridge, however, burglars are smarter than you think and know these tricks very well.


Children’s Bedroom

Years ago, hiding your valuables in a child’s bedroom would have been a brilliant idea, however these days kids’ bedrooms are highly targeted in burglaries. Today children possess many high value gadgets, including TV’s, tablets, game consoles and many more that can attract burglars to their rooms. Once inside, it’s no surprise that they will dig deeper to see if there are any hidden valuables in the room! Make sure you keep your children’s items and your valuables safe by avoiding the bedroom as a hiding spot.


Under the Mattress or Bed

Movies alone makes the mattress a very obvious place for hiding anything. One of the first things a burglar will look at will be under your mattress or bed. Some people leave a box with valuable items under the bed as it is out of sight, others will hide some cash under the mattress as it is also out of sight and won’t be obvious with any bump. However, these are two of the worst places to hide it.

Not only is it an obvious place for burglars to look, but also easily reachable, which makes it on top of the worst hiding places list!


Toilet Tank

avoid hiding in the toilet tanks safety and security locksmiths advice about top worst places to hide your valuables and cash at home

A long time ago, toilet tanks were an excellent place to hide items. However, with an extensive use in several movies and TV series, it has become a very predictable place for thieves. It’s also a easily accessible place, with removing the lid taking few seconds, making it another hiding place to completely avoid.


What are the Best Places to Hide Your Valuables at Home?

Now that we stated the worst places to hide your valuables at in your home, here are few ideas of the best places to hide your valuables you can consider:


A Safe

A safe is a great option to keep your valuables safe. The only tip we have when with purchasing a safe is to make sure it cannot be taken away. A thief might think of taking the whole safe away to sort out opening it without any rush at a later date! Read our guide to buying a safe here.


Inside the Hoover

Burglars usually are in hurry and hoovers are usually not the easiest to open. It’s an odd suggestion but it’s one that a burglar wouldn’t think of. Just make sure it’s not one that your using!


In a Clock

You can actually get clocks that open so that you can place valuables inside them and works very well if you have several clocks. A burglar wouldn’t have the time to be opening each clock you have in the house to check if it has got any valuables or cash inside.


False Bottomed Drawer

Instead of using actual drawers, false bottomed ones are more secure and mean that even if a burglar does go searching through your draws your items have some extra protection.


In your Loft

A loft is in fact a good place to hide things due to the difficulty to reach it. Burglars will not want to waste time accessing a loft and leaving it to prevent getting caught, which makes it a good place to hide your valuable items! Read our blog here on how to secure a loft.


To conclude, hiding your valuables can be frustrating as burglars are cruel but clever. Most of the unexpected hiding spots have been exposed in movies and TV shows, making them predictable places targeted by burglars. Make sure you read our tips of worst places to hide your valuable to make sure all your items are safe and secure!


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