November 4, 2020 | Jessica Davies | Blog

5 Things to do whilst on Lockdown: Security Edition


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We’re all back to spending more time indoors! Why not boost your mood and your home security whilst you’re at home with these 5 simple and easy home security checks:


  1. Check your Locks

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. The first thing you should always do when checking your home security is to check the quality of your locks to ensure they keep your home locked up but yourselves not locked out! A good quality lock should be:


  • Fitted correctly
  • Insurance Compliant (British Standard)
  • Not loose or appear to be damaged
  • No signs of weather damage or decay over time
  • No signs of tampering


For more details on knowing when to change your locks check out our other blog How to know when to Change your Locks here! 


If you think your locks are in need of an upgrade it is better to be safe than sorry and have the misfortune of being locked in or out of your home. Find your local Locksmith here! Unsure about calling a Locksmith during Covid-19? Worry not, check out the protocols of What to Expect when Calling a Locksmith out during Covid-19 here!


  1. Doors and Windows

It is vital that your doors, frames and windows are in good working order to ensure they cannot be forced open of kicked down with applied pressure. These are the things you need to look out for when checking them over:


  • Ensure there is a consistent gap around the door and the frame. This gap should be around 3mm all the way around although this number can be slightly higher or lower depending on your door type. If the edge measures at different sizes around the frame it means your door is misaligned and will work as it should and will not be as secure as it could be. A Locksmith can rectify this for you.
  • Bulging and splinters – this could indicate the door, window or their frames have been weather worn or maybe damp has attacked them and they may need to be replaced.
  • Cracks in glass – a crack in the glass on your door or window will create a weak point and will grant easy access to a burglar who tries to smash it. Repair or replace the glass as soon as possible.
  • Lock your doors and windows – when they’re not in use they should always be locked, even if you’re at home all day.


For a full comprehensive article on the ways in which you can improve your door security check out our advice here and for window security check out of Ultimate Window Security Guide here!


  1. Gates and Sheds

This element of the home is often overlooked by many when completing home security checks. Here are the things you should do to improve the security:


  • Check your Padlock – ensure your padlock is heavy duty and not affected by weather erosion. Whilst we think of it, have you got the keys in a safe and secure place?


  • Doors and Windows – much like your doors and windows on your house it is important to check the quality of those of your gate and out buildings. Check for weather damage, cracks, holes etc.

We have a full comprehensive guide of garden shed, garden gate and garden fence security! Click on each of them to find out more!

  1. Burglar Alarm

Check out the quality of your burglar alarm whilst doing your home security checks, remember the following:

  • Batteries – ensure they are in good working order
  • Details – if your alarm is registered ensure your details are up to date
  • Password – it is always a good idea to change your alarm system password every now and then, especially if your circumstances have changed say if a resident no longer lives at that address in a house share for example.
  • Sensors – test out the sensors of your burglar alarm to ensure they are working as they should.


  1. Outdoor Security Lights

Finally, to round up this list of quick and easy things you can do whilst in lockdown is to test out your outdoor security lights and sensors.

  • Batteries – of course if your outdoor security lights are battery operated the first thing you should do is to check and replace the batteries where needed.
  • Damage – repair any broken elements to your security lights, e.g. clear and replace any broken glass. A burglar will be looking for faults in your home security in hope that they won’t get caught out so ensure it is in tip top condition!

That’s right we also have a comprehensive guide on Outdoor Security Lights, find out more here!


Keytek® Locksmiths

Did you know that on every call out Keytek® Locksmiths will evaluate your home’s security for free and provide you with industry advice on how to ensure your home is as secure as can be! There are no strings attached to this advice so although we recommend you boost your security it is totally up to you! If you’re in need of a Locksmith, find one local to you on our Find a Locksmith page here!