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Taunton Insights

With 1,000 years of history, Taunton is a quaint English town set in the heart of Somerset. With a stunning 10th century monastery and Anglo Saxon Castle, Taunton is home to much historical relevance. From the Romans to the Saxons to the Tudors, Taunton is the place to visit to be immersed in history.


What is Taunton famous for?

One of the most popular attractions is Taunton Castle. Once owned by the Bishops of Winchester and founded by William the Conqueror’s grandson, Taunton Castle has held many different responsibilities over its years with most notably it is political use during the 19th century. The Great Hall of the castle continued to be a court of law until 1858 with many a judge passing judgement under the halls roof. However, after it was abandoned for political use, the castle began to fall into disrepair until 1874 when the grounds were purchased by the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society.

The castle now homes the Museum of Somerset, with varying exhibits and showcases exciting for all ages.


What is the Population of Taunton?

In 2019, it was estimated that Taunton was home is just over 329,000 residents, with the average age of residents at 44.7 years old.


What is the average house price in Taunton?

The average price for a property in Taunton is an estimated £286,575, which is slightly lower than the estimate value of these properties which currently stands at £307,106.

Property TypeAverage Price Paid (£)Current Average Value (£)Annual Value Change (%) 


What is the Average Rent in Taunton?

The average rent paid in Taunton is £703 per calendar month.

Number of Bedrooms within Rented PropertyAverage Rent Paid (£)


How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Flat in Taunton?

The average rent paid for a flat in Taunton is currently £665 per calendar month.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a House in Taunton?

The average rent paid for a house in Taunton is currently £996 per calendar month.


Is Taunton a Safe Place to Live?

Like most towns, Taunton ultimately is a safe place to live with hot pockets of crime mostly concentrated in specific areas or towards the town centre.


Crime Rates in Taunton

From March 2020 to February 2021, there was 9.1K crime committed within the Taunton postcodes. The crime rate Taunton is currently at an estimated 27.7 per 1,000 which is significantly lower than the national average of 96.4.

34.1% of total crime within Taunton was due to violent offenses and was the biggest contributor to the Taunton crime rate. The second biggest contributor was anti-social behaviour (23.5%) followed by public order (11.9%) followed by criminal damage (9.1%).


Living in Taunton

Within Taunton there are some lovely places in which to find a home; these include:

  • Galmington
  • Blackbrook
  • Trull
  • Sherford
  • Staplegrove
  • Mary
  • Kingston St
  • North Curry
  • West Monkton

However, the areas to avoid are generally Pryland, Ladymead, Priswood, Chip Lan and Rowbarton as they tend to be more crime prone areas and are less attractive to live in.


Is Taunton a Good Place to Retire?

With a slightly older population, it is no surprise that Taunton is an attractive place for people to retire. With good transport links, a wealth of retirement communities and excellently rated health care, the historic town holds many things that can attract one to retire here. Retirement communities, for those aged 55 and older, are located in some of the best areas of the town are offer very affordable living situations – whether renting or buying.


Schools in Taunton

Taunton has a wide range of different education establishments, from primary school to university, the overall education level in Taunton is pretty high. With the Trull CofE VA Primary school gaining an outstanding certification from Ofstead alongside popular secondary school Heathfield Community School.


University Centre Somerset

Specializing in vocational degree level qualifications, University Centre Somerset has strong connections to Heart of the Southwest LEP and the NHS. The university is further recognised for its excellence by prestigious universities such as Plymouth, Oxford Brooked and the Open University.

Find out more about University Centre Somerset:


Getting Around Taunton

By Car

Served by the M5 on junction 25 and 26, alongside other major roads like the A38 and A358, Taunton is well connected to the bigger cities that surround it and offers commuters an easy route to get to work.


By Train

The most popular transport for commuters, the Taunton railway station is situated on the Bristol to Exeter rail line. Popular destinations like Reading, London Paddington and Bristol Temple Meads can all be reached by train.


By Bus

There are different bus routes which travel on loop around Taunton and to other local towns and villages. To get to other larger destinations across the UK a regular Stagecoach and National Express go through Taunton.


Where is the closest Airport in Taunton?

The closest airport to Taunton is the Exeter Airport, but with the limited number of flights available, the suggested airport is London Heathrow.


Where to stay in Taunton

Brookfield House

A charming house sat within the heart of Taunton, perfectly positioned for exploring all of the local amenities. With 135 restaurants and 36 attractions within walking distance, this bed and breakfast is the perfect place for those looking to experience what Taunton has to offer. Rated 5 stars on trip advisor

Premier Inn Taunton East Hotel

A very well known hotel chain with a 4 star rating on Trip Advisor, Premier Inn offers a comfy place to rest your head whilst in a central location to the local sights in Taunton. Whilst the hotel is surrounded by a wealth of restaurants and attractions, such as the Woodland Castle, a car is recommended for further travel and to access the town centre.

Holiday Inn Express Taunton

Another popular hotel chain, situated just off the M5 with easy access to not only Taunton but Devon and Cornwall, the Holiday Inn boasts free WiFi, complimentary parking and full use of hotel amenities. With a 4 star rating on Trip Advisor, there seems no reason any traveller won’t find comfort here.

The Castle at Taunton

Located in the heart of the country town, The Castle at Taunton is an actual castle where travellers can not only relax in style but also within walking distance of 83 restaurants and 26 attractions. Rated 4 stars on Trip Advisor, this hotel is one of the most popular locations in Taunton to stay.


Top 10 places to eat in Taunton

  1. Ciao Amore
  2. Little Italy
  3. Thai Lotus Flower
  4. Shepherds Rest
  5. Tristans Bistro
  6. Augustus
  7. The Bank
  8. Skewer House Taunton
  9. Bare Grills
  10. The Far Canal


Top 10 Things to do in Taunton

  1. Vivary Park
  2. The Museum of Somerset
  3. Coates English Willow Visitor Centre
  4. The Cooper Associates County Ground
  5. Stoke Wood Alpacas
  6. Quantock Trekking
  7. Bishops Lydeard Mill
  8. Woodlands Castle
  9. St Mary Magdalene Church
  10. Sheppy’s Cider Ltd


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