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Should you change the locks when moving to a new home?


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You’ve Got A New Home!

It’s an exciting time when moving into a new home. A fresh start, a new beginning and with that comes many tasks to get done… One important job on that list should be to change the locks to your new home as soon as possible, to keep your home, your family and your valuables secure.


Who’s Got A Key?

The main reason you need to change the lock to your new home is that you don’t know who else has a key. When you’ve moved in you don’t know who was there before, whether it was a previous owner or tenants who have lived in that house. The previous key holders may have also given keys to their families and friends, tradesmen, estate agents, pet sitters, neighbours or anyone else.

Not knowing who has keys to your house can be a big danger. Those who have a key can easily target your home for an attack and steal your valuables from the moment you’ve moved in. You may not know this but 58.7% of burglars who’ve used a door to enter, use the front door as an entry point, and 6% had a key that they just walked in with (NimbleFins). Because of this, it’s essential to make changing the locks a priority when you get your new home.


Change Locks Every 5-7 Years

In an ideal world, your home’s locks should be changed every five to seven years, to reduce the likelihood of having problems and keep the standard of the locks up to date to have the highest level of security.

When you move into a new place, you don’t know when the last time the keys were changed. If they were changed over seven years ago, then the locks may be outdated and might start being problematic. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you are locked outside (or even inside) of your home because your locks failed!


Think About Insurance

Another reason to change your locks when you move home is that it may invalidate your insurance. If your home got broken into by somebody using a key that they were previously given, then because there was no forced entry it may invalidate your home insurance.

Whilst some companies might still pay out for your claim, most home insurance policies require forced entry into your home to pay your claim. Wondering what else will invalidate your insurance? Find out if your locks are insurance compliant here.


British Standard

British Standard Locks

To get the best protection for your home you should make sure all your locks are British Standard. Ensuring all of the locks are British Standard will not only make sure you are covered with your insurance but offers you peace of mind that the locks are of a high standard and will keep your home and your valuables better protected.

Wondering what lock types are the best kind? Read here about the different door lock types and what the best kind of lock for your home is.


Always Remember

It’s always important to protect your home, whether it’s your first day there or you’ve lived there 10 years, you want to keep your property and your valuables safe and sound. By making sure your locks are changed and up to a high standard then you are keeping your family and yourself safe from danger.

Think about what locks you need to change. Remember about your front and back doors, garage and conservatory doors and any windows you have. Keep an eye on problems or damage that has happened to anywhere that could be an entrance, and update your security if needed. Do you need some additional home security tips?


When Else Should You Change Your Locks?

There are other times you should change your locks as well, not just when you move home:

  • When your lock is broken, you should get your lock changed straight away, to avoid future frustrations of being locked inside or outside your home with a failed lock.

  • When your lock is damaged, this may be a sign that someone has tried to break into your home. In this situation to keep your home secure, it’s safest that your locks get changed as quickly as possible.

  • If your keys have been stolen or lost then to avoid an unforced entry and keep your home safe, it’s best to change your locks. Did you know that nearly 37% of UK homeowners admit to losing at least one set of keys in their life? And with over 402,000 burglaries in England and Wales in 2019/2020 alone, it’s best to make sure you change your locks if you lose your keys.

  • If there has been a break-in already to your home or another home close to you then the chances of another burglary happening soon in that area after is much higher than normal. Keeping on top of your home security is vital to reduce the risk of another break-in.

when you should change your locks and things to consider before moving into a new home house


Need To Change Your Locks? Call A Locksmith

We would always recommend calling a professional locksmith rather than doing it yourself to avoid potential damage to the door and creating a bigger cost in the long run.

At Keytek® Locksmiths, we are committed to assisting you in keeping your house secure, which is why we are always upgrading our security content on our website. If you need help with your home security, why don’t you check out our Ultimate Home Security Guide? Also, have a read of our burglar deterrents and find out some simple ways to secure your home.

Contact us today by calling 0808 164 2928 or find a local locksmith here that can help you secure your new home.